How video will benefit your business


Did you know 21% of video viewers will make a purchase? Furthermore 26% will visit a shop, and 21% will ask you for more information. It’s figures like these that show exactly why a high quality video is a must to showcase your business’s product or service. Recent polls confirm that a professional video converts customers into buyers more effectively than any other methods of online advertising.

Web Search

Getting on the first page of search results is a must for any business. A professional video increases this by 50 times. The more customers see you online, the more your video will impact growth. Potential clients will be more likely then to make a purchase, come to see you or ask questions after they see that you are a company in action.

Condense Info

A massive 60% of people online watch videos, so it’s a bit of a shock to hear that only 3% of businesses have video content. But the number is growing at an amazing rate, this statistic should be used to your advantage while you still have the edge! A great video saves the users time, rather than click from page to page, reading pages of text. A video can engage your potential customer and keep you above your competition.

Human Trust

Another positive effect of video is it shows who you are, and gives trust to the customer. A lot of businesses are hidden behind a website, often with only a contact email, not even a telephone number! Humans like to buy from humans. Having a video makes your customer feel safe and that they are in good hands.

Our five step video process


So you are excited about having your amazing business go in front of the cameras. Before we get to this stage we will have a chat with you about who you are, what you do, and what makes you different. During this we will furiously be writing notes (using iPads) and start to craft your story. It is also hugely beneficial to get customers involved, so they can sing your praises. Once we have all this, we will organise a date for production.

The Production

We will arrive with our equipment, to get the planned shots we need, along with documentary style filming, all shot in cinematic HD, leaving you to carry on your day and to ignore us (don’t worry we won’t be offended). After we have all we need, we will then interview you (and clients if they want to partake), we have done hundreds of interviews, and know how to make them natural and fun.

The Edit

After a successful shoot, we will then piece together your film. Carefully selecting the best shots that will help tell your story, and keep your viewers engaged. Music is a huge part of the edit as well, and we only use the highest quality music, to give you the edge. We will give you a few options, so we get the perfect fit that suits your business.

Test Screening

We will send you a link so you can watch and review what we have created. We can make any edit changes that you want, ensuring the film is exactly what you want.

The Big Release

A lot of businesses already have a marketing plan, and that’s why they have asked us to make them a video, however, if this is something you have no plan for, our excellent marketer can help out with social and SEO to guarantee your film gets seen, and more importantly gets you more clients!


  • A joy to work with, a consummate professional who made me feel listened to.  He struck the balance perfectly of guiding me using his experience and giving his opinion when needed.  His professionalism and passion for excellence made me feel that he cares about it as much as I do and will do everything he can to make a project brilliant.  Simon researched and gave me several options to choose from when he received the brief.  All options were excellent and he really understood what we were about as a brand.  Amberfilm really exceeded my expectations and I would gladly recommend them.

    Andy Instone

    Creative Director of URBAN STRIDES

  • I needed a launch event filming at short notice for one of my clients. I contacted Simon, gave him a short brief and within a week, the video I got back was WAY beyond my expectations. My client actually shed a tear when she watched it! The quality, editing, music and overall presentation were perfect. I am looking forward to working with AmberFilm for all of my future projects

    Laura Owens

    Director of Laura Simone Ltd

  • The best thing about hiring Amberfilm is their service. From the moment we contacted them, they make sure they understood our requirements, advised us on what would be most effective, then delivered some fantastic work. The final result surpassed our expectations, but their after-care continued to impress us even when we had further questions. We won’t hesitate to contact them on our next project, and will recommend them to our own clients in future.

    Andrew Johns

    Owner of Effectivit

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